Best Daiwa Massage Chair In 2021

Product NameManufacturerItem WeightPrice
Massage Chairs LegacyDaiwa306 poundsCheck Price
Massage Chairs RelaxU.S Jaclean302 poundsCheck Price
Majesty Space-Saving ChairDaiwa Massage ChairCheck Price

Here at 10feasts, we made a list of Best Daiwa Massage Chair In 2021 by keeping an eye on price, quality, durability and user experience.

Daiwa Massage Chairs Legacy Massager

Daiwa Massage Chair Extended L-Shaped runs 49 inches from shoulders to hamstrings. Typical chairs only offer the s-shaped massage track that runs 29 inches at most. Special heat therapy in lumbar region helps ease tension in joints and sore muscles in lower back.

In addition, its body scanning system allows for your massage to contour to the spine curvature of each individual user. This 3D scan ensures massage accuracy and efficiency. Zero body experience moves the seat to the ideal 30-degree angle in order to appropriately distribute body weight and reduce pressure on body for a weightless environment.

Product Dimensions66.9 x 47.2 x 32.3 inches ; 306 pounds
Shipping Weight306 pounds

Daiwa Inversion Stretch Relax 2 Zero 1.0

Zero-gravity body positioning, air bag technology, and super-long massage strokes are just a few highlights of the luxurious Relax-2-Zero massage chair. Set the chair into its zero-gravity position to remove all stress on the muscles and experience a weightless sensation. An LCD display screen puts numerous massage options at your fingertips.

This chair also features soothing heat and low energy consumption. State-of-the-art massage lounger for the ultimate luxury experience. Moreover, it comes loaded with zero gravity, full body massage, advanced massage mode, body shape detection.

Manufacturer:U.S Jaclean
Product Dimensions76.8 x 47.2 x 33.5 inches ; 302 pounds
Shipping Weight302 pounds

Massage Lounger Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair

This Majesty Space-Saving Design Lounger comes with extra-long 49” L-Shaped Massage Track runs from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the hamstrings. 42 Massaging airbags give a full-body compression massage. 3D body scan adjusts the settings to fit your shape. Includes 18 pre-programmed massages to choose from.

In addition, its compact design won’t take up space, even when reclined. Swivel base requires almost no space between the chair and the wall. Reflexology foot massager, Bluetooth speakers, optional heating, and zero-gravity recline included.

Manufacturer:Daiwa Massage Chair


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