Best kimchi Refrigerator In 2022

If you’re Korean, there are certain foods you cannot miss on your table; that’s kimchi. Globalization, however, has long since influenced all aspects of daily life, including food. In the USA, food that, until recently, was practically unknown is becoming more common, affordable, and part of everyday life.

Perhaps the most representative example of Korean cuisine is kimchi, a dish made from spiced cabbage, which is allowed to ferment to take on its distinctive flavor.

Since Korean kimchi is so valued, it is vital to make it deliciously, but how it is stored has a great impact on the taste. That is why appliances like Kimchi refrigerators were made to keep it fresh and preserve its taste.

Kimchi – From Korea to the world!!

People say that they become patriots when they go overseas; Kimchi is no longer just a staple food for Koreans, it is now consumed all over the world.

In 2020, kimchis exports exceeded US$100 million as of the third quarter indicating the huge rise in consumption.

In some countries, they have begun to merge this ingredient, such as hamburgers and ice cream with this product.

Top 5 Small Kimchi Refrigerators

These days, it can be said that it is a must-have home appliance; in a way, a regular refrigerator is necessary, but a kimchi refrigerator is also essential. If we keep it in the refrigerator, it retains a cool taste for a long time.

To meet this demand, various brands are selling many different types of small kimchi refrigerators and it is difficult to decide which one is best to buy.

That’s why, today, we will take a closer look at the best kimchi refrigerators 2022 and how to choose the best ones.

Samsung Bespoke 3-Door Kimchi Plus Refrigerator

This is a Samsung Bespoke Kimchi Plus refrigerator that has about 80L more space than the LG Dios Kimchi Refrigerator.

Convenience of 3 Doors

It is a 3-door product, so it is easy to divide and store according to each kimchi, and the capacity is relatively large compared to other brands, so it is good to store a large amount.

Stylish design

In particular, it is a stylish brand that is the biggest strength of the Samsung Bespoke line, and it has the advantage of being able to capture the interior with a design that is not like a kimchi refrigerator.

First-class energy efficiency

It is a product that can save electricity bills because it has first-class energy efficiency.

LG Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Insta-View Refrigerator

Ample storage space

The LG Electronics stand-type kimchi refrigerator is large enough to hold a total of 10 kimchi refrigerators, with 6 in the smallest compartment, 2 kimchi cans in the medium space, and 2 large kimchi cans at the bottom

Improvement of shortcomings of lid type

It can store the same or slightly more volume than the deep-storing lid type,

It is a convenient product that has improved the disadvantage of the lid-type kimchi refrigerator, which is that it is difficult to take out the kimchi underneath.

Clean appearance and extra storage space

In addition to the function of the kimchi refrigerator, it is an attractive product in terms of the interior as well as externally stylish design.

In addition to storing kimchi, there are additional storage compartments, so it is a perfect product to use as an auxiliary refrigerator with this function,

Self-sterilization function

Since the product itself has a sterilizing function, it is a product that has the advantage of being able to put kimchi directly into the kimchi refrigerator after receiving it, without the need to clean it.

LG Dimchae Dual Door with 21.8 cu. ft. Capacity

Self-sterilization plus fermentation

This refrigerator allows a healthy maturation of kimchi by increasing Vitamin C, Ornithine, and Weissella lactic acid bacteria, essential in this process. What’s more, it allows you to enjoy this delicious dish from one day to the next, when its original process takes much longer.

Ample Storage Space

In addition, its personalized storage by type of food makes it possible to select different storage modes to maintain the flavor and nutrition inherent in kimchi, as well as in different vegetables and fruits, as well as other types of fermented foods.

Constant Temperature

This allows maintaining the optimal flavor of the kimchi, imitating the original process of this beloved preparation through its “Underground Cooling”, which directly cools the storage space itself, which maintains the best conditions to store the kimchi with the best possible flavor. , for longer.

Cooling Efficiency

Fan-type cooler that circulates cold air inside to reduce the temperature difference, while the deodorizing filter keeps the air fresh. Fundamental in this process is the natural red clay coating, which removes infrared radiation and collaborates with the deodorization process. 

Versatility in Design & Functionality

Additionally, it is a very versatile product. It can be used as a refrigerator or freezer and has special functions to store fermented foods, to freeze meat in a slow and controlled manner and thus maintain all its properties, or also to store wine.

Black-Decker Lid Compact Energy Star

This is a Black-Decker lid-type kimchi refrigerator with a design that comes to mind when you think of a kimchi refrigerator.

Although the capacity is relatively small compared to the stand-type kimchi refrigerator described above,

Cost-effective Kimchi Refrigerator

First of all, it comes with the basic discount, you can buy a kimchi refrigerator at a very low price,

Although the price advantage is very good, the function is excellent.

Excellent cold storage

First of all, because it has excellent metal cooling technology for preserving cold air, it is a product that brings out the number one advantage of the kimchi refrigerator, where storage performance is the most important.

Custom storage mode

Kimchi, which can be frozen or quickly sour, is stored according to the customized kimchi storage mode, so you can easily maintain its taste.

In addition, it is a product that is easy to store various ingredients along with kimchi storage because various ingredients can be stored at ultra-moderate temperature.

Midea Kimchi Chest Freezer, White

This is the most suitable kimchi refrigerator for those who are burdened with the price of a major brand kimchi refrigerator such as Samsung or LG,

Extreme value for money

First of all, in terms of price, it is a kimchi refrigerator that is almost half the price compared to other brands, so the burden is greatly reduced,

However, it is difficult to see it as a product that is inferior in terms of functionality.

Custom storage function and smart air cover

First of all, it has a customized aging and storage function that preserves the basic taste of kimchi, and a smart air cover to prevent cold air from leaking inside the kimchi refrigerator to keep freshness.

Three-dimensional cooling function

With the smart three-dimensional cooling function, you can maintain the optimal customized temperature function for storing kimchi.

In addition, there is multi-purpose storage that can store various ingredients together, an LED display function, and a slide EZ safety door function.

Although the design is simple and there are no special features, it is the most suitable product for those who are burdened because it is a low-cost, low-cost kimchi refrigerator with all basic functions.

Kool-More Dual Door Tok Tok Lid Refrigerator

Considering the price and design brand, it is the most affordable product.

Average price and performance

Although it is a major brand product, it is a product with a certain discount on the lid type.

It is the most suitable product for those who are burdened with products that are too expensive and who do not want to purchase a brand other than Kool-More.

Lactobacillus indicator function

In addition to the features of the previously described products, which catch cold air and are easy to store,

This kimchi refrigerator has a lactobacillus indicator function that allows you to visually check the growth of lactic acid bacteria, so it is a convenient product to check how mature the kimchi refrigerator is.

Temperature setting function according to salinity

It is a product that can set the temperature according to the salinity and is easier to set for each kimchi compared to other products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a kimchi refrigerator?

So dear is this preparation, it is important to make this kimchi deliciously, but how it is stored has a huge impact on the taste; so there are appliances created precisely to maintain it such as Kimchi refrigerators.

Does kimchi go bad in the refrigerator?

Yes, if you store kimchi in conventional refrigerators, it may lose its taste or even spoil other food too.

How long does kimchi last in the refrigerator?

Kimchi can last 4 weeks to 24weeks in specialized kimchi refrigerators.

How long is kimchi good in the refrigerator?

Kimchi refrigerators are created especially for kimchi products, in these refrigerators temperature remains constant that keeping the kimchi good in taste even longer.

Buyer Guide

How to choose the right kimchi refrigerator

In order to choose a kimchi refrigerator, you should give priority to the type and size.

  • Kimchi refrigerators with lids are recommended to those who only want the original functions and want to buy them at a relatively low price.
  • We recommend the stand-type kimchi refrigerator for those who desire multi-purpose storage and convenience in addition to the original functions.
  • Also, in terms of size, it is important to know how much the recommended amount is basically depending on the abandonment of kimchi.
  • In general, you can think of it as a standard of 90L for a stand type and 45L for a lid type for 10 units.
  • So, for a family of four, I tend to leave about 40 cups and eat it, so you can choose 400L for the stand type and 200L for the lid type as a standard.

Bottom Line

The happiness of our readers is one of our main goals and that is why we continually write on the most demanded topics. 

Today, we learned in detail about the kimchi refrigerators in 2022 and how to choose the size.

Since the kimchi refrigerator is an essential digital home appliance in Korean households, we hope that this guide will help you to make a choice you will not regret, thank you.


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