Best Magnetic Window Cleaner In 2021

Here at 10feasts, we made a list of Best Magnetic Window Cleaner In 2021 by keeping an eye on price, quality, durability and user experience.

FENGRUI R-C901 Smart Window Cleaner

  • When the R-C901 starts working, it will stick to the glass like a gecko and work for you. When you work at R-C901, you can listen to music or do your work.
  • Our product development is based on customer comfort. The vacuum of 5600pa creates a huge noise. Under the premise that vacuum suction is not weakened, we upgraded the vacuum performance of R-C901, which greatly reduced noise pollution.
  • One-button start and infrared remote control.It has a powerful suction of 5600pa, automatic cleaning in three directions.
Item Weight4.59 pounds
Product Dimensions11.5 x 5.7 x 4.5 inches

ECOVACS WINBOT 880 Window Cleaning Robot

  • Win slam 2.0 technology win slam path planning technology guides Winbot to clean in a fast, comprehensive, and economical way; Winbot intelligently chooses the best cleaning path.
  • Four stage cleaning Winbot x is equipped with a strong 5 layer decontamination pad and high elastic squeegees that pass over a single area four times to deliver a thorough cleaning
  • Advanced edge detection technology with advanced opt coupler sensors, window can identify the edges of glasses and change the cleaning path without bumping or falling, on surfaces with and without frames
  • Multiple safety system Winbot has a 2800PA suction power to ensure the Robot is firmly attached to the glass, a 30 minute backup battery in case of a power failure, and a high elastic rope + load bearing suction cup to ensure a safe cleaning
Item Weight3.96 pounds
Model NumberWB10G
Product Dimensions9.7 x 9.7 x 4.5 inches

KingFast Auto Window Cleaning Robot

  • Artificial intelligence technology: automatic detection of window frames and obstacles, calculate and program an optimal cleaning path for maximum efficiency.
  • Systems and anti-drop algorithms: if the battery is off or the power is broken, the small smart device won’t fall off.
  • Sawtooth automatic cleaning route: automatically from top to bottom, automatic from left to bottom, automatic from right to bottom.

HOBOT-198 Glass and Window Cleaner

  • AI-technology, works ONLY with power cord. Embedded UPS (Un-interrupted Power System) prevents the robot from falling while there is no electric power supply.
  • Minimum surface size – 13х13 inch. For any glass thickness (3 mm or more)
  • Vacuum engine (held without magnets)
  • 3 programs for automatic cleaning of surfaces
  • Control via smartphone or remote
Item Weight2 pounds
Model NumberHOBOT-198
Product Dimensions11.61 x 5.83 x 4.72 inches

HOBOT-298 Automatic Window Cleaner

  • Do NOT use on frames with non-rectangular (rounded) edges. Minimum surface size – 15х15 inch. For any glass thickness (3 mm or more).
  • Window Glass Cleaning New Smart Home Robot Cleaner with Ultrasonic Water Spray nozzle. Replaceable Water Tank.
  • Brushless DC Motor has longer life and lower noise. Washer mop machine with vacuum engine (held without magnets)
  • AI-technology and Control via Smartphone APP or Remote. 3 programs for automatic cleaning of surfaces.
Item Weight2.82 pounds
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
Product Dimensions13.35 x 9.88 x 4.92 inches

HOBOT-288 Window Cleaner

  • AI-technology: Window Glass Cleaning New Smart Home Robot Cleaner and Control via Smartphone or Remote. House Cleaning Robot works with power cord ONLY
  • Vacuum engine: Washer mop machine with vacuum engine. Held without magnets. Minimum surface size – 15х15 inch. For any glass thickness (3 mm or more)
  • Warning: Do NOT use on frames with non-rectangular (rounded) edges. Robots works with power cord.
Item Weight2.65 pounds
Model NumberHobot 288
Product Dimensions9.45 x 9.45 x 3.94 inches

Mamibot W120 Robotic Glass Cleaner

  • W120 can be available to frame and frameless glass,tables and smooth floors or wall surfaces.
  • No more moving on heavy furniture or climbing dangerous ladders to clean outside, tall or hard to reach windows,less strain to lumbar muscle
  • Intelligent cleaning routes ,anti-falling sensor with strong safety rope equipped remote control available
  • Built-in battery 650mAh for emergency use APP available for both IOS & Android systems remote control available
Item Weight2.97 pounds
Model NumberW120
Product Dimensions9.84 x 9.84 x 3.35 inches

Wexbi Robot Window Cleaner

  • Brushless motor. Wexbi W189 is the fastest window cleaner robot on the market! It only takes 3 minutes to clean 1 m2 (10.8ft2). Almost no noise, very quite, it has longer service life too! It is simply the best professional window washing solution for you!
  • More efficient window washing equipment. Cleaning robot achieve 99 % cleanliness at all times. This Robot cleaner has built-in detecting edge sensors. It cleans frameless glass without leaving any streaks or water marks.
  • Glass, marble, tiles, table, mirrors, windows, floors, kitchen counters, etc. 
Item Weight3.3 pounds
Product Dimensions9.9 x 9.8 x 3.3 inches
Model NumberM189

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

  • Intuitive cleaning technology – Our smart artificial intelligence powered design will get your windows clean quickly and efficiently.
  • Safe and secure – With the gecko window cleaner, you do not have to climb ladders or put yourself at risk, you can clean your windows right from your sofa.
  • Remote and app power – The gecko’s smart design allows it to be controlled from the palm of your hand. 
Item Weight4.94 pounds
Product Dimensions12.3 x 10 x 6.3 inches
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required.


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